A night with Dr Stuart Marmorstein

THURSDAY // 7:00 PM 

One evening change the way you view your body forever.

Lets get down to the specifics.


Dr. Stuart C. Marmorstein is a Houston-based holistic chiropractor who focuses on helping people of all ages. His specialties include addressing chronic pain, health and energy issues, and using safe, yet effective natural methods in the healing process.


Dr. Marmorstein been practicing, teaching and doing clinical research since the 1970s. As an expert in Applied Kinesiology (muscle response testing) and spinal and cranial care Dr. Marmorstein utilizes many techniques that he has developed over the years to provide a safe and effective treatment regiment. 


Dr. Marmorstein travels teaching his revolutionary technique and giving talks around the world. He has spoken to the Lonestar Dowsers and to IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences)--and to MENSA. This is one evening you wont want to miss.





2425 West Loop South

Houston TX 77027

Please arrive 15 minuets before the event to secure a seat. Parking will be validated!