Acupuncture is extremely excited about teaming up Donald Lefeber who is an advocate and proponent to the advancement and understanding of Integrative Medicine and the role that Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine will play in this new paradigm of health care.

Lefeber is a full member of the Texas Medical Center/ Rice University Sigma Xi research society. He has many academic publications in different medical journals and has spoken at conferences in the Texas Medical Center and around the world for Acupuncture and OrientaL Medicine. Lefeber has helped to build Integrative Medicine collaborations within the Texas Medical Center, the HOPE Clinic, and the Pain Recovery Program of the Memorial Hermann’s Prevention and Recovery Center in Houston.From 2012 to 2017 he served as the Director for Integrated Health Care and Wellness at the Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety. In 2016, Lefeber was Principal Investigator for a research study, “Studying Correlations between Biomechanistic Effects of Acupuncture and Treating Pain through Measuring Responses in Fine Motor Control of the Hand.” In mid-August 2015, Lefeber helped construct a unique Eastern-Western Integrative Medicine program at HOPE Clinic. The objective was to provide holistic care and achieve optimal outcomes for patients with acupuncture and Oriental medicine for various diseases and conditions, especially pain management.In September 2014, Lefeber graduated from the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine here in Houston and has been in professional practice since.

 Donald will be running Community Acupuncture June and July Fridays 3 PM-8 PM






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