I N T U I T I V E- A Guide To Awakening YOUR Medicine
We all have medicine to share. A fucking unique amazing thing about our selves that we are supposed to share with the world and I’m here to help you realize that.
I am an amazing manifesting generator and I have really stepped into my radical responsibility of owning and implementing my own personal medicine in my life and so can YOU. Through life and the many experiences it has allowed me, I have proven time and time again that I can HAVE, BE and DO anything I want and I really don’t fucking understand why more people do not realize this about themselves. I’m tired of playing it small to benefit the stigma of ‘shining to bright ’ that I allowed myself to believe through limiting beliefs.
I have personally invested over 5,000 hours into self-development, alternative healing modalities, training courses, Conscious masterminds. I have had the blessings of working with industry-leading Coaches, Healer and Lightworkers and through my quest this program was birthed.




Course agenda

W E E K 1 ( Monday, June 17th 8:30 PM CDT Thursday 20th 8:30 PM CDT)



Kundalini chakras

Connection to the emotional body

Connection to the physical body

Connection to the mental

Connection to spirit


W E E K 2 ( Monday, June 24th 8:30 PM CDT Thursday 27th 8:30 PM CDT)

Be a dot:

Effective/ ineffective habits

radical responsibility

Leaning into fear

Finding space with the breath


W E E K 3 ( Monday, July 1st 8:30 PM CDT Thursday 4th 8:30 PM CDT)


Tuning in


  • Reiki
  • Deeksha
  • Coaching
  • Energy work
  • Yoga
  • Physical
  • Sound

Your medicine even if it is not any of the other mentioned above.

Keeping your energy sacred



W E E K 4 ( Monday, July 8th 8:30 PM CDT Thursday 11th 8:30 PM CDT)

The Beginning:


Sharing of your medicine