Koha Yoga: The Amazon Conservations Team

Koha: Koha is a New Zealand Māori custom which can be translated as gift, present, offering, donation or contribution.


Tribe Wellness Community is offering donation based Yoga classes to help save the Rainforest. Our donation based Yoga classes are 75 Minuets long and 33% of your donation goes back to tribe for operation cost but 67% of your donation goes directly to ‘The Amazon Conservation Team’ at the 1st of every month Starting September 1st- January 1st.

Please visit their website and make a donation if you can not take a classs



Make any of these classes below to contribute.

 **All classes are open to all levels


Monday 7:30 AM

Wednesday 7:30 AM

Friday 7:30 AM

Saturday 8:30 AM

Sunday 11:00 AM


*** PLEASE RSVP & MAKE SURE YOU BOOK IN TO YOUR CLASS on MindBody or message us directly***


insta @tri.be_wellnesscommunity

Why It Matters

When tropical forests thrive, they are home to exceptionally diverse plants, animals, and human communities. Above the trees, vast rivers of vapor form that flow across the seas and help regulate water cycles across the globe. Underground, extremely complex networks of microorganisms communicate in languages mostly unknown to science. In the Amazon, the forest beats like the heart of the planet, pumping life, moisture, and beauty into being.

Unfortunately for the forest, it contains material riches, such as oil, gold, timber, and land that can be turned into short-term profits. Enormous stands of rainforest were wiped from the face of the Earth in the 19th and 20th centuries. This wreckage continues in the 21st. When indigenous and local communities object, they are often marginalized, or even exterminated.

We believe that our collective future depends on protecting these forests. Our work is focused on stopping threats to the forest and its people, or on mitigating those threats.