Release & Heal

A Community Healing Experience by way of Guided Meditation & Connection to your mind, body, soul and spirit through Yoga.

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Expect this experience to be warming, sensual, sacred, healing, relaxing, inward, opening and connective. The Vibes will be unmatched as we tap into all our Senses to reach parts of ourselves that have been unlearned, not nurtured and/or forgotten. This yoga flow and guided meditation is themed and will parallel to your Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat Chakras - Energy Centers. Ending out with Sound Bowl Healing from Star Steph!

Greet & Celebrate Intention with your Reflections here.

This is a safe, nonjudgmental, loving space for anyone and everyone to partake in.

The foundation of this event will be the same as the past Release & Heal’s [R&H] which has been detailed above, but THIS very R&H Edition is even more of an experience!

How could it be grander you ask?


IT’S MY TWENTYFIFTH BIRTHDAY TOO! This has been on my heart to offer to YOU on “my” day, and it feels amazing to envision both sharing my baby Release & Heal for the 4th time AND celebrating my 25th BEarthday with you! Please join me, Ayan Anderson, in CELEBRATION, in HONOR of my special day and in Celebration of You! A grand time will be had with a Special Performances by the Poet Queen Safi, Artist Aarunya Darsatha Divit, Release & Heal Photo Op, Great Music, Dancing/Twerks, Art, Movement Based Healing, Laughter, Breathwork, Hugs and Connection!   

ALL the Love,

Ayan Anderson -Yogi EleM.Divit – Poet Queen Safi – Artist Aarunya Darsatha Divit

WHAT TO BRING: a yoga mat, blanket and/or cushion for more comfort during guided meditation and yoga practice. A journal is always cool! If you have other yoga props such as bolsters and blocks feel free to bring those too!

Support our Black Owned Vendors! Food, Clothing, Jewelry, Services, Etc

Light Beverages and Spirits Available! It is a CELEBRATION!

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The Event will run 7:00PM –10:30 PM

7:00 – 7:30 PM Browse & Buy with Vendors

7:35 – 9:30 PM Release & Heal Introduction,

Community Connection, Guided Meditation, Yoga, Performances,

9:30 – 10:30 PM Party, Laugh, Hug, Support Vendors