Yoga + Acupuncture

Join Donald Lefeber, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Brittany Hill, tribe leader of Wellness Community and certified yoga Instructor, for an evening of relaxation.

Yoga and acupuncture both have very similar, long histories that go back thousands of years. While both practices have changed plenty since their respective inceptions, they also maintain a special link to their origins.

While yoga started as something that looks a lot different than what we see in most yoga studios today, it can still be a practice that asks its practitioner to develop a heightened sense of self awareness on a physical, mental and emotional level. What the practitioner does with that information is completely up to them. 

Chinese Medicine has always been a medicine, the way it is practiced has gone on quite the journey. And, there are still significant differences between the way the west practices Chinese Medicine compared to East. At its core, Chinese Medicine meets you where you're at, to work with your body to create balance and fluid energy flow.

So How do they Work Together?

Perfectly, of course. By moving the body slowly and mindfully, with a focus on gentle, but deep breathing, you will begin the process of moving the energy in the body with as much or as little vigor as you choose. After the movement piece is complete, you will take your final resting pose and Lefeber will perform acupuncture on you. As you rest, the medicine will do its work. You'll leave class feeling grounded, connected and pretty blissed out. 

If this sounds like your kind of night, sign up for an upcoming Yoga + Acupuncture class a Wellness Community

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